Sunday, 31 January 2010


The media, overwhelmingly, just don't get science.
They don't understand how science works. About the importance of probability.
So journalists (with a few honourable exceptions) create wild headlines out of every passing straw of scientific research.
This leads first to public confusion, then apathy, and eventually rejection of all things science.
An example is diet and food.
Another, which is starting to gather momentum, is climate change. The deniers sense a field day coming on.
I'll return to this important issue.

I took time out in Birmingham yesterday with Green Party colleagues.

For a couple of hours, before our Green Left meeting in Birmingham Metropolitan Community Church, we joined Salma Yacoob and Respect party members distributing leaflets in Sparkhill. It was bitterly cold, but a bright sunny morning.

Salma joined our meeting later for a discussion and chat.
She is inspirational and courageous.

Friday, 29 January 2010


We have been able to witness Blair questioned today about his part in the war with Iraq.
I was going to say interrogated, but that wasn't the approach of the polite, courteous, fumbling enquiry.
Blair ran rings round them. It was the establishment v the establishment, and the establishment won.

I really can't see this enquiry getting anywhere. The best we can hope for is the demise of New Labour at the general election.

Friday, 1 January 2010


The fair way to cut carbon is through carbon quotas.

Abolishing VAT and tax havens are ways of making taxation fairer.