Thursday, 4 February 2010


Sir Thomas Legg says 390 MPs must repay £1,305,000 for the expenses scandal.

In fact, all MPs, including the current MP for Mid Bedfordshire Nadine Dorries, share the blame, whether or not they individually have been caught fiddling expenses.
They were ALL responsible for the expenses system, which condoned fiddling.
They MUST all have known what was going on.
And none of them did anything about it.
That's Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat.

They share the blame for this scandal which has brought ridicule on our parliamentary democracy.
These were the people elected to take major decisions of war and peace.
You have an opportunity on 6 May (or whenever) at the ballot box to let your voice be heard.

Monday, 1 February 2010


We all know how the present MP for Mid Bedfordshire loves to trivialise and personalise politics.
She's now busy waging war against the Speaker of the House of Commons.
She's up in arms because, apparently, the Speaker has stopped wearing fancy dress.
Now, most of us don't give a toss what the Speaker wears.
Not so Nadine Dorries.
Taking off his fancy outfit will mean millions of pounds lost each year from our tourism economy, she believes.
So what's she doing about it?
She's refusing to stand back to the wall and divert her eyes when the Speaker walks down a corridor.
I kid you not.
She accuses the Speaker of eroding the authority of Parliament.

In the real world, nothing has eroded the authority of Parliament more than the MP expenses scandal, which has destroyed trust in politicians. Whether or not an individual MP was personally culpable, the fact is they all knew the system, they all approved it, they all knew what was going on. And they diverted their eyes, till the cat was out of the bag.