Tuesday, 1 June 2010


In recent years I've not bothered to watch the BBC's 'Questiontime' programme.  The programme had gradually deteriorated under the increasingly partial chairmanship of Dimbleby, D. The panelists were generally either safe hand-picked party mouthpeices, or predictable 'independents'. However, during the general election campaign I returned to viewing the programme, just to keep up with the latest sparring of the big parties.

But since the shotgun marriage of the CondemCo government, there are indications of some deliciously ironic and hypocritical moments in store for viewers as the love-in between the two parties slowly unfolds and eventually unravels and disintegrates. Last week we had the spectacle of the fanatical manic right-wing John Redwood trying desperately to be nice to a Libdem woman panelist. And Dimbleby constantly enjoys reminding everyone of the pre-election  leaders' debates when Cameron and Clegg were at each other's throats.

The Labour Party was uncharacteristically wise to have nothing to do with the Libdems or any sort of 'rainbow' alliance. Thereby they managed to snatch a sort of victory from the jaws of defeat in the election.

I don't believe this government will last a full five year term (why five years?). But neither do I consider it will disintegrate early. I'd give it at least a couple of years. There is too much riding on it for both coalition parties for them to allow it to fail early. They both wanted a taste of power,  really desperately. That power will not be surrendered readily, no matter what unlikely political backwaters they have to navigate.

Here is another image from right-wing Mid Beds Tory MP Nadine Dorries' blog, just a few days before the election. I'm not making it up - this really did appear on her blog: