Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Empire Strikes Back - 3

The reputation of the banks is in ruins. Public confidence does not exist. But still a couple of the old guard have tried to stage a come-back. They want business as usual.

Sir Peter Burt and Sir George Matthewson (how did they become 'sirs' ?) have written a letter to HBoS. They have graciously offered to take HBoS over, sack the top brass, and avoid the proposed deal with Lloyds TSB. They would keep HBoS independent, and 'protect jobs and bring benefits to customers and shareholders' ........

Wait for it ..... Sir Peter Burt is credited with creating HBoS !

Of course, the kind offer to assist HBoS has been declined by the board.

But with people like this prowling around like rotweillers, it's impossible to imagine anything other than business as usual for the banks, eventually.

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