Wednesday, 4 November 2009


My words here yesterday were even more prescient than I feared. This morning's dreadful news confirms that even as I wrote, another five UK soldiers had already been killed yesterday, and two Afghans.

The Afghan policy of the Green Party, which I strongly support, is clear.

We want an immediate withdrawal of all UK forces from Afghanistan. The withdrawal of all NATO forces from Afghanistan. We want a regional peace conference to be held as soon as possible, with the aim of establishing a new Afghan government which will have the support of all the Afghan people. There must be continued support from the EU and UN and other international bodies to support the rebuilding of Afghanistan and the provision of international aid. There must be protection of all women and minorities in Afghanistan and the upholding of human rights as an essential part of any peace agreement reached with the regional powers, the UN and the people of Afghanistan. Further, the issue of Afghan refugees in neighbouring states and elsewhere, and their long term settlement and humanitarian support, must be a central feature of any peace agreement.

How many more lives must be lost before this unwinnable war ends?

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