Friday, 9 May 2014


Greater East Midlands (GEM) Commissioning Support Unit has been criticised for the standard of its NHS continuing healthcare services for patients with complex needs.

Leicester West Labour MP Liz Kendall, a shadow health minister, said a number of people had been 'badly let down' and 'no-one is taking responsibility.'

 She said that a terminally ill 21-year-old man was discharged from hospital after a 10-week stay without the right support, and in another case a company commissioned by GEM to provide night care for an elderly man with Alzheimer's failed to change the man's incontinence pads and he was left wet overnight.

GEM told Ms Kendall that it had only one part-time person monitoring the quality of all its home care providers. A spokeswoman for GEM said vacancies in its monitoring department had since been filled.

Comment: Yet another case of serious problems with a Commissioning Support Unit, apparently with no-one taking responsibility ie a failure of public accountability.

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