Wednesday, 2 December 2009


It's commendable that President Obama considered the new US strategy for Afghanistan with great care and diligence. More than three months of cogitation, and ten meetings with top brass. A major improvement on the shoot-from-the-hip approach of Bush.

However, then it's downhill all the way. Sadly, these months of deliberations have not produced a credible strategy. This is not the sort of change we were led to believe would define Obama's presidency. It's a plan to escalate this futile war, the second longest war in America's history after Vietnam. After eight years of war, another 30,000 US forces, 500 more British , and others, to take the total of foreign troops to the level of those of the Soviet Union in their disastrous Afghan conflict.

For what purpose? To prop up a highly corrupt government. It will not make Britain's streets safer, or serve any humanitarian purpose. It is not an exit strategy, it's an escalation of war.

This pointless occupation of Afghanistan should end. All Nato forces should be withdrawn immediately.

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